Apron Sizing Guide


Just thought it would be useful to post some pictures of the personalised aprons and to talk a bit more about the fit and sizing.

I have two options for kids - toddler and child sizes.

Both are generous sizes. In the first picture the little girl "Elouise" is 5 years old and she stills fits comfortably into this size.In the second picture the little boy Gabriele is 2 years old.

The child size is really generous too. In the second picture the two older kids are 7 and 11 years old and they are in the child size.

I don't fit adjustors or buckles to the apron neck strap as the plastic ones tend to crack so don't stand up to repeated washing.

The metal buckles can be a bit heavy and if your child has sensory issues like my daughter does they will probably prefer the smooth tape on their neck.

There's enough tape though in these to tie a knot to adjust the fit for younger kids.  

The adult size apron would be great for a tall teenager or as you can see here it works fine for a 6 foot handsome man like this particular daddy ♥️


three young children wearing brightly coloured cooking aprons

Here's the actual measurements of the aprons too:

Child's Apron: 72cms long and 55 cms wide approx. Fits 6 - 13 years.

Toddler Apron: 48 cms long and 34 cms wide approx. Fits 2 - 5 years.

Adult Apron: 87 cms long and 63 cms wide.

If you do have any questions about the best size for your child please do get in touch: karin@littlechook.com

Happy Baking x